Profile the Obligors

Where Are They Now?

CRA creates complete profiles on all obligors prior to ever reaching out to them directly. CRA’s far-reaching platform encompasses exhaustive investigation of the obligors and their assets. This comprehensive analysis enables discovery of the debtor’s current financial status and their ability to pay.

Guarantor Research and Profiling…

  • Review all financial and other information in file regarding guarantor financial strength, other owned assets, other business affiliations, etc.
  • Run background and asset searches on each guarantor
  • Run credit reports on each guarantor
  • Review public Records in all counties and states where it is known the guarantors have had property ownership or business affiliations to determine current status
  • Determine and document any obligor BK filings including current status
  • Explore obligors` use of social media to mine additional clues to collectability

Some of the Tools We Utilize:

  • Powerful public records databases allow extensive asset searches and debtor profiling
  • Custom software facilities to track title recordings on every piece of property throughout the country
  • Online court records at the federal and local levels
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • County Database: search civil actions, foreclosures, and other real property ownership
  • Nationwide hand delivery services
  • Social media and other various asset search engines and online research tools