CRA’s primary objective is to generate immediate income for our clients from their charged-off files by pursuing borrowers and guarantors after the collateral is gone and the deficiency (or deficiency judgment) remains. We allow you to focus on your core business while we continuously work with borrowers to get money from files that would otherwise lie dormant, contributing nothing to your bottom line.

CRA’s Services Can Be Broken Down Into Three Main Areas

File Review and Due Diligence (Profile the Obligation)

Initial File review and due diligence are critical components in the overall recovery process. These initial steps allow CRA to understand the “story behind the loan” – what is the history of the debt, what happened and why. Knowing this information is critical to resolution and allows us to identify any critical issue that require immediate action. Read more more on our file review and due diligence process.

Asset and Borrower Research (Profile the Obligors)

In creating a complex profile of the obligor(s), CRA’s far-reaching platform encompassess exhaustive investigation of obligors and their assets. This comprehensive analysis enables discovery of debtors current financial status and unearths new and creative possibilities about their ability to pay. Read more on our asset and borrower research process.

Asset Management and Recovery (Secure Meaningful Settlements)

Once the foundation of due diligence, background information and research is in place, our team of legal specialists, skilled negotiators, and servicing experts – coupled with our unique cost-benefit analysis combine to maximize recoveries. Our expertise is in directly conducting successful obligor negotiations. Read more on our cost-benefit negotiations process.

Comprehensive research methodologies, uniquely qualified project teams, and a proprietary database management system are the foundation of a meaningful recovery